CROCHET TUTOR, Private/Semi-Private Class | 1 - 1.5 hour session

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Crochet Tutor - Private and Semi-Private Lessons (1 - 1.5 hr)

This class format is one of the most effective ways to learn crochet, cater to individualized needs and style and lay the foundation for making your own beautiful creations in no time!

Rate: $48 per hour.  1 or 2 participants maximum.

How Crochet Tutor Works: 

CUSTOMIZE YOUR LESSON.  In this crochet class format it’s your choice of any or all of:

  • Sharpening your skills.
  • Learning to crochet from the start.
  • Working through advanced crochet techniques.
  • Designing.
  • Choosing a pattern
  • Working through a pattern.
  • Working on a project with guidance.
  • Creating in a comfortable setting with individual support.
  • Fast tracking you’re learning.

Steps to Book Your Lesson:

  • Purchase your session
  • I will be in contact with you by phone or email to schedule your private date and time.

Classes are in Milton Workshop: Address/Location: 925 Main St. E.  Milton, Ontario, UNIT 10 or, acceptable agreed upon location.


    In this class:

    All attendees will be working on their own individual projects at their own pace with support.  This class is great for:

    • Finishing a project, sharpening your basics or going beyond the basics.
    • New to crochet? Work without pressure at your own pace with supervision and sharpen your skills with support.
    • Already a crocheter? Start a new pattern and get help on uncertain areas ie. pattern interpretation, pattern modification.
    • Sharpen your skills.
    • Not sure what to make next?  Let me help you pick a pattern for your skill level.
    • Get help reading or interpreting new patterns or diagrams.
    • Get help with advance crochet techniques and tough transitions.
    • Working on your own original design?  Get help writing your new pattern.
    • Get someone to test your newly written design pattern.
    • Get feedback if you’re making something new.


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