Canada Bliss® Story

Karen Viloria-Miguel Founder CEO of Canada Bliss Ltd hats and accessories company

My mother taught me how to crochet and sew when I was very young so I could make clothes for my dolls. 

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As an adult, I continued crocheting  but it wasn’t until I was married with children that I really got serious about crochet and design.

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After returning to the corporate world, I found comfort in crochet as my creative outlet.  I crocheted my way through some very stressful times.  The products of which I would wear, give to people or donate to charitable fundraisers.  Eventually deciding to share with the world on a larger scale.

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Canada Bliss™ my luxury line of crochet hats and accessories was born from the desire to create designs and quality products derived by styles that I have always desired see in accessories in the world; to create a lovely product, made in ways that has little environmental footprint and spreads the joy of centerdness I get from crocheting and the feeling of bliss when I share my designs with people.  

Using traditional hand crocheting, each Canada Bliss hat is handmade using only the softest materials to create pieces that look and feel equally luxurious.  Sourced yarns are 100% natural fibre yarn including alpaca, bamboo and merino.  Only the softest materials are used to create pieces that feel and look equally luxurious.

Canada Bliss proudly has ethically sourced fur pom pom options.  These include our special Good Conscience alpaca pom poms!  Our guilt-free Alpaca fur pom poms were not killed for their fur. These pom poms are made from the skins of young Peruvian alpacas which passed on due to natural causes. Alpaca pelts are purchased from indigenous farmers and used to create these alpaca fur pom poms.  Ethically sourced, the alpacas are not harmed to any demand and the farmer receives a monetary return on the loss of income due to the death of one of the herd.

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I am truly grateful to say that the creation of Canada Bliss™ has already brought me on many adventures so far.  I hope you'll join in on the rest of this journey with me!