Canada Bliss...The Very Beginning

September 07, 2014

Some time ago, I posted this blog post on, a old hobby blog of mine.  Little did I know what exciting adventures Canada Bliss would eventually lead me to.  Here's an excerpt from the blog...This was the very beginning of a fantastic adventure...

I tend to do my creative hobbies with great enthusiasm especially when I feel stressed or I need to think.  One of my favorite thinking hobbies is crocheting because once I get started on a project, I have nothing but yarn and time to sort out the goings-on in my life while I create.

So if you are wondering where I have been for most of 2014?  “Why…” do you say, “is this the first post of 2014?”  Well folks, I’ve been designing, crocheting and am thrilled to have launched my own line of crochet accessories, Canada Bliss

Looks like I have found the perfect creative outlet for my passions for fashion, crocheting and happy occupation!